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15kg & 25kg Sand Bag Powerbags Bundle



Sand bag lifting shares a lot in common with kettlebells in regards to their ability to challenge not only strength, but endurance as well. A good bag will allow for some movements within therefore always forcing the lifter to maneuver and adjust to the awkward weight. This definitely causes the body to use more muscles and expend greater energy as it is hard to get into one consistent groove.


Increasing grip strength is another great reason to use sandbags. There is no piece of equipment that frustrates people as much as sandbags. Why? When using sandbags there is not a convenient place to grab.


is important when choosing any form of equipment. With common concerns about money and time it is often silly to invest a great amount of money into something that has limited use.

Cost Effective

Not are sandbags cheap, but can be used for any movement that you can think of from common gym exercises like squats, clean & jerks, to jogging, climbing, dragging, and throwing.


  • Unfilled Large size Sweat Central sand bag with 5 empty inner bags to fill with up to 25 kg of sand and 3 empty inner bags to fill with up to 15kg of sand 
  • Strong design with easy grip thick handles for maximum support, durability and portability
  • Carry handles on both top, bottom and on both ends
  • Special inner bags to hold the sand so it does not leak
  • Recommend fill with  5 x 5 kg inner bags and cut rags for best shape and even weight
  • Strong easy fill zip closures
  • Inner bags approx. 30 cm x 20 cm
  • Sand not included
  • Multipurpose bag for all types of fitness, strength, endurance training, boot camp activities, circuit training, indoors and outdoors
  • Ideal training aid for all sports & fitness training
  • Set includes 15Kg Sand bag and 25Kg San bag
  • Measures approx  15kg sandbag: 55 x 18 cm ; 25kg sandbag: 66 x 20 cm


60 days

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