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No gym is complete without a bench press set but there are so many different types of weight bench for sale it can get confusing which type to go for. You can get adjustable weight benches or fixed weight benches and a cheap weight bench that probably won’t last too long before you upgrade. Sweat Central only stock the most common weight bench for sale. If you have a specific requirement for a quality bench press set we can recommend what is best for your training needs.


There are many factors when looking for a bench press set such as; decline, incline, flat and adjustable weight benches for sale. The most common issue we find is that the benches out there are not strong enough or the backboard cracks easily. Secondly, the bench is way too short or wide therefore not providing enough support to the entire back and lats. If you find a good weight bench for sale online, make sure you can see it in store; otherwise the pictures may not truly represent the bench press set they are offering.


A multifunctional bench press set or integrated barbell and bench system are not an ideal upgrade option. Maybe for teenagers starting out but we do not supply or recommend these types of weight bench for sale. 


Never consider a cheap weight bench for sale from retailers or large web stores that sell everything. You need to go to a specialist in gym equipment because a bad bench will affect the rest of your workout regardless how good your barbells, power racks and weights are. If you are still searching for a robust gym weight bench, we recommend you visit us in Castle Hill Sydney and get a bench press set that will last and give you the workout you and others need.

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