Weight Plates

If you are looking for weight plates for sale, you have found a well-kept secret for a local fitness equipment supplier who knows about Olympic weight plates, standard weight plates, pump barbell weights and more. We offer cheap weight plates through to more expensive Olympic bumper weight plates, no matter if you are starting your first home gym or fitting out a commercial gym. We have all the weight plates for sale you need.


Second hand weight plates vs new weight plates now is no longer an issue, you might find a great set of used cheap weight plates online – just make sure the weight plates for sale are in great condition and that they have zinc metal rings that are not loose. The cost of new vs second hand weight plates these days are really not that far apart so it’s best to have new gym weight plates rather than not knowing what happened to those cheap weight plates.


We have a large range of weight plates for sale and on display in our Castle Hill Sydney showroom. We have for sale in pairs or packages of Olympic rubber weight plates with handles and Olympic rubber bumper plates that are ideal for weight lifting and crossfit style exercises.


We are confident and stand by our quality and guarantee that if any workmanship of our gym weight plates fails we will replace them. We do not offer poor quality cheap weight plates for sale – as an industry supplier we must have quality weight plates and knowledge to ensure safety and durability.