Why Buy From Us

Setting up a professional gym for the home, business or studio requires expertise and in depth knowledge. Our customers come to us for quality product, superior customer service and expert advice.

We specialize in a range of core strength fitness and cardio products such as rowing machines, exercise bikes, boxing equipment etc. Since 2005, we have listened to our customers and worked with some of the best industry suppliers local and overseas. We BELIEVE in what we sell to our customers.

Many people come to us due to the confusing nature of similar products. We have found our customers want safe products that are not flimsy and matched with great customer service. Customers trust us as we are a business that specializes in fitness equipment and have a deep knowledge of the ever changing fitness industry.


When you purchase from Sweat Central you will benefit from;

LOW or NO Delivery fees, secure shopping from your computer or mobile device, hassle free returns, fast deliveries and customer service.

Our warehouse is located in Castle Hill where we dispatch hundreds of orders daily. We welcome you to visit our showroom to see our items or pick up your order.

Our team is dedicated to providing our customers the best possible solutions within a realistic budget. We pride ourselves on the dying art of customer service.

Customer loyalty is important to us and we always do our best to tailor your needs, our repeat customers enjoy the personal customer service and knowing that they will be looked after.


You will get the best advice on quality fitness equipment from our team and the owner himself! We have an intimate knowledge of fitness trends and finding ways to give you the best products for you or your fitness business.

Through years of working in the fitness industry and also being passionate about what we do - we guarantee that you will receive the best advice for the products you are looking for.