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classic cast iron kettlebell
  • One of today's most popular weight training tools that provide both strength and conditioning benefits. Also used to perform most exercises that typically utilize barbells or dumbbells, but offer even more variety because of their construction and versatility.
  • Exercising with kettlebells forces the body to act as a unit to recruit multiple muscles during each exercise.The large muscles as well as the smaller stabilizer muscles must work together to control the kettlebell.
  • This leads to increased strength, muscular endurance, tone, coordination and core strength.
  • The original Iron kettlebells are great for those who do not need the expensive competition steel grade and want a variety of size and dimensions.
  • Shaped like cannonballs and have a handle balanced beautifully with a comfortable grip
  • Textured handle as how Russian kettlebells are meant to be! Allowing the proper technique to be performed.
  • Constructed by solid cast iron
  • Black in colour