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What is the health benefit of using a Weighted Vest?

Besides from weight loss, wellness, muscle development and overall fitness improvements, the weight you are adding to your body is supported by your skeletal system and muscular structure which is distributed over a large area of your body so the weight vest would also be safe for your joints used correctly. Numerous professionals and athletes use the vest as do many hospitals and rehab clinics.

Do i need more weight or is it heavy enough?

Seriously, we have had top elite armed forces personnel even thinking it was not enough weight for them until they coupled their exercises and training regime - it was according to one of the Sargent's "more than enough". We get many individuals asking for more weight and once they use the product they soon identify that it really comes down to application.


How Weight Vest Works?

When you add weight to your body, more muscles are recruited to support the function of moving the added weight; in turn more calories are burned to support the muscle action. A properly weighted vest will intensify any activity or exercise, increasing the metabolic rate. Explosive strength and power can be achieved when using weighted vests and it is one of the best pieces of fitness equipment for all levels.

Our Weight Vest allows you to add weight to your core in one-pound increments. By adding weight to your body you are increasing gravity making it more heavier to move. Even the slightest change in weight will have a massive effect on your exercises, making even basic movements or motions more difficult forcing your muscle fibers to be called into action resulting in more calories to be burned to support the muscle actions.

Uses of the Weight Vest

Some examples include (...and many others)

-Walking / Running/ Jogging 

-Aerobic workouts 
-Weight resistance training 
-Yoga / Pilates / Group exercise 
-Popular with most sport activities 
-Martial arts, Boxing, MMA training 
-Climbing, abseiling 
-Military bootcamp exercise"



-Vest is One Size Fits All 

-Pockets designed front and back for even weight distribution.

-Durable tough nylon fabric makes it light, easy to move in and easy to wipe clean.

-Padded lining for comfortable fit and support

-Adjustable velcro strap for contoured fit to your body





NEW 15 kgs Weighted Vest + Weight blocks



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