2.2m 20kg Black Oxide Bar Cross Training Powerlifting Barbell with Hardened Chrome Sleeves

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2.2m 20kg Black Oxide Bar Cross Training Powerlifting Barbell with Hardened Chrome Sleeves


This is the perfect Cross Training Olympic weightlifting style barbell for commercial gym/box and home use. A black oxide bar for maximum grip with harden chrome needle bearing sleeves so this bar can be dropped 1000's of times with confidence.


The difference with this barbell is the smooth rotation to get you under the bar quicker for your power cleans and jerks. This is possible due to quality of the bar, bearings and overall construction. This bar has a true 20kg weight and has a max capacity of almost 1500lbs or 650kgs. If you have used cheap bars, or non specific Olympic weightlifting barbells you will feel an immediate difference, especially once the barbell is loaded with bumper weight plates. There is no centre knurling, cheap barbells or products that have centre knurling may not be the barbell you are looking to buy.


Another key area is the bearing and housing, a good powerlifting barbell should it rotate smoothly and freely. The sleeves are a hardened chrome finish and this bar has a tensile strength rating to 200,000 psi! Coupled with the needle bearings you can be confident to drop this bar at max load.


This barbell has an black oxide shaft that has an inner measurement of 132cm and a diameter of 28mm. There are also markings for snatch grip etc. As an Olympic barbell the sleeve diameter is 50mm. A fine knurled grip will also give you added comfort and reduce and tearing of calusses.


Our barbells are sourced from the leading manufacturers worldwide without the brand name. We have supplied many gyms, clubs and boxes - which has assisted them to reduce costs without much sacrifice to quality.


If you are looking to increase your strength and performance, then don't look passed this barbell. You can come in and test it for yourself.


We offer a 5 year warranty used under normal conditions.