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Boxing & MMA

Our range of boxing equipment for sale is a mix of our own designed and locally branded boxing equipment. We start from entry level cheap boxing equipment through to high level quality boxing gloves and pads that have been endorsed by some of the biggest names in fighting. Our main boxing brands are Sweat Central, WMD Fight Gear and Morgan Sports. We believe in quality equipment and respecting people’s budgets.


We find a lot of customers who want cheap boxing equipment and still with the high quality of performance, fit and durability. Personal trainers, boxing and martial arts gyms have all made the mistake of buying cheap boxing gloves and pads but to find that they fail or fall apart only after a few sessions. We have ensured that our range of boxing equipment suits beginners through to serious boxing athletes. By working with some of the most reputable boxing manufacturers locally and overseas we have been able to gather experience and knowledge and turn that into boxing products that our customers love.


Sweat Central continue to develop and source quality boxing equipment. For those people who have wasted time and money buying cheap boxing equipment and getting injured, we have seen them flock to us. Retailers offer boxing gloves for sale in great packages and graphic designs, so half the money is spent their. We are passionate about offering a quality product to our customers and we have made many unique designs that no one else offers. It could be from the thumb attach, to padding or for more functional training.


So make sure when you are looking for boxing gloves or pads for sale, you consider our range or at least speak to someone who really knows what you need.

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